The Wireless-Set-No19 Group


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GRC-9 Ground/Manpack Station

GRC-9 all bagged up for transportation.

From left to right/back to front; BG-172, CW-140, BG-175 and BG-174.

BG-174 opened containing;

GC-7 cranks, CD-1086 cord, LG-3 legs, LG-2 leg, GP-27-A stakes, IN-127 insulator, Mast/aerial rod sections MS-116, MS-117 and MS-118.

GRC-9 all set up and ready to go.

The BG-172 bag contains;

LS-7 speaker, Cord CD-1119, Dry battery BA-48, Antenna AT-101, Antenna AT-102, Counterpoise CP-12 and CP-13, FT-515 antenna adaptor, GY-42 and GY-12 on RL-28 reels, T-17 Mic, T-45 mic and junction box, J-45 Morse key, HS-30 headphones, BX-53 Spare Valve kit and W-128 aerial feeder wire.

Close up showing the LS-7 speaker, HS-30 headphones, T-17 mic, Cord CD-1119 battery cable connecting to the Dry battery BA-48

Close up of hand generator mounted on its legs - GN-58

Dry battery BA-48

Dry battery BA-48

Aerial and counterpoise parts

Antenna AT-101

Antenna AT-102

Counterpoise CP-12 and CP-13

FT-515 antenna adaptor to mount whip aerial on to the set when the set is horizontal in its back using the IN-127 insulator

Guy ropes - GY-42 and GY-12 on RL-28 reels

T-17 Mic

T-45 mic and junction box with Press to Transmit button

J-45 Morse key with leg strap

Spare valve/bulb kit BX-53

Spare valve/bulb kit BX-53 - open

Roll of W-128 wire used to connect aerial to set

DY-88 6/12/24 volt Vehicle PSU

GRC-9 Home Made Mains PSU diagram

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