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Wireless for the Warrior books
Louis Meulstee (PA0PCR)

After the publication of ‘Wireless for the Warrior’ Volume 2 ‘Wireless Sets of WW2’, a small number of minor (typing) errors and incorrect
data was spotted. Corrections, additional photos and newly found items are published in ‘Volume 2 Amendments’. If printed on A4 paper,
cut away circa 7mm from the bottom and side of the sheet. The prepared sheets will fit snugly between the inside cover and dust cover flap.
It is further recommended (when applicable) to amend the text corrections in the book with e.g. a (red) pencil or a fine-liner.

Wireless for the Warrior
Volume 2 Amendment No. 3

An addition to volume 2, a previously unseen Voltmeter, Valve, UHF No. 1
used for the testing of the Wireless Set No. 19 B set RF output.

VV UHF No. 1

Volume 2 Amendment No. 3 can be down loaded here

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