The Wireless-Set-No19 Group


Information for anyone who can help us in providing scanned documents to add to the archive on this WEB site.

To make it easy for anyone who is able to scan any manuals for us to put on to document WEB site archive;

1. Pages of just text, scan at 600 DPI, scan as Grey Scale and save as JPG.

2. Pages of text and photos or just photos, scan at 300 DPI, scan as Grey Scale and save as JPG file.

3. Any page with diagrams on them, scan at least at 600 DPI or higher resolution, scan as Grey Scale and save as JPG.

4. Any page with small text on them such as some very fine detail diagrams or lists with small text, scan at least at 900 DPI or higher resolution, scan as Grey Scale and save as JPG.

5. Any page which in colour, not coloured due to age, should be scanned at 300 DPI colour and saved as a JPG.

6. When you come to save the files, please don't use the original page numbers as file names.
Follow this very simple file name pattern;

Front outer cover - 1.jpg
Front inner cover - 2.jpg
First page - 3.jpg
Second page - 4.jpg ...5.jpg...6.jpg...7.jpg ...etc....etc....etc....

This makes life much easier when we have to rebuild the book after editing, cleaning, aligning pages, etc.. as we don't have to keep looking for an index to find which page goes where and which photos or figure belongs in which section of the book.

Please scan a page of text, a page with a photo (if there is one) using the above settings and contact us so we can check the scan settings used, this saves scanning the entire book only to find there is a problem that could have easily been sorted prior to you doing all the scanning.

Please contact us first before trying to sending any files, please go to the and use the group owner's e-mail address to send us an e-mail, tell us what you wish to send to us and we will issue you with an address to upload files to, please do not try to e-mail files to us.

Thank you in anticipation!