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Frequency Meter BC-221-AK
BC-221-AK, set up and running with the HS-30 headphones plugged in.

Valve spares inside the case, shown here with the chassis removed.

The 3 connections at the back on the right, are for the power from the batteries to the chassis.






You can see the 3 pin power connector that mates with
the 3 pin socket inside the case in the photo above.

Spare 1 MHz crystal can be seen clipped to the right side
of the chassis, you can see the octal base pins sticking up.
Under side view of BC-221-AK
Label from inside BC-221-AK showing its last date of being treated with Fungicidal Lacquer, showing this BC-221-AK to be W.W.II vintage!


There is also an inverter unit that was built by Keith Watt that powers the BC-221 from the 6 volt LT supply without any modifications to the BC-221 what so ever, click here to see the article.

Original BC-221 A/C PSU

Power Unit Type 7262
July 1962
Terminals to connect HT/LT and GND to BC-221
Terminals from above
Input voltage selector, 110v, 200v, 220v and 240v
with 0, +5 and +10 steps between.
Control box for PSU with AC input conenctor on the right of the picture.
Line and Neutral are both fused. Plus the ON/OFF toggle switch.
Close up of the A/C input connector


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