The Wireless-Set-No19 Group

Posters By Mike Buckley

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APD 0222 undated 1960's
APD 0439 3-64
APD 0479
APD 1034 1951 REME
APD 0233 5-59
APD 0430 5-66
APD 0435 2-67
APD 0435 2-67 gunner overprint
APD 0625 7-72
APD0399 HF156 undated 60's.
APD 0533 9-69
Royal Signals of the World
Royal Australian Signals - They get the message through
APD Poster
Radio Poster - no title/date
The Royal Signals Motor-Cycle Display Team - White Helmet 1968
Communicators In Action-Royal Signals
Royal Corps of Signals
Soviet Army Radio Posters
Soviet Tactical Radio
Soviet Radio Equipment
British Army Posters
WO8914 GS Poster No 31 9-73
WS62 - Lieutenant Colonel Carne on the Imjin River
WS62 Para Display Radio Olympia 1949
Controllers of the Electronic Battlefield
Masters of Electronic Warfare
Where next with Royal Signals

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