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The story of a hot R209 Mk2, so hot it was on fire!
(A story of a good friend's workshop, who's name is omitted for fear it is too painful for him)

The story starts in a workshop, a well stocked workshop, lots of tools, lots of spares.
One day this workshop had an accident, it caught fire and the poor R209 couldn't escape no mater how hard it tried;

All somewhat charred with the heat, it no longer looks Army Green OD!

Note there is an additional amateur BNC socket attached through the rim.

Close up of the additional BNC socket that had been fitted by an amateur.

Note there is also a BNC socket in place of the original socket used for the I/F output.

The bottom is the only surface still its original colour.

Inside there is a screening cover missing and wrong coax used to wire up the I/F output.

Chassis removed, all knobs and parts removed from front panel.
The fuse holder was impossible to remove, so it has been heavily masked with tape.


The front and case were sent to a company to have all the paint and soot removed.

Front panel comes back red-oxide under coated (so does the case).

There is a damaged dessicator window in its hole to stop paint getting through.
All screw holes have screws in them to protect the threads and holes from filling with paint.

Front panel now painted Green OD and lacquered mat finish.
Masking removed from fuse holder and fuse carrier put back in, no damage from surface treatment
or from spray painting. Power input connected refitted, a replacement headphone socket of the correct
type fitted with a new surround. Wrong BNC socket is still in situ (but not for long!) Antenna posts
refitted, but one is damaged, a new one must be found.

Speaker grille cleaned up and repainted and is now fitted in place.

Chassis screening cover found thanks to Brent in New Zealand.
A single 0.1 uf de-coupling cap was found to be leaky and replaced.

After realignment, all the adjustment holes covered.
BFO found faulty and replaced the 1S5 valve.

The sealed connections for the speaker can be seen, these have been lacquered over.


All finished

Correct I/F output connector fitted, thanks to Roger Basford.
Antenna post insulators replaced, thanks to Brent Bevin.
All the knobs have been cleaned and repainted.
A new desiccator window and new desiccator fitted.
New case bolts fitted all round.
The R209 is now finished, completed and working perfectly.

Restoration work done by Keith Watt RN (Rtd.).

A very big thank you to all who have helped this restoration project come true!


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