The Wireless-Set-No19 Group

The Wireless-Set-No.19 Established & Designed in England 1940

For the open exchange of information and opinions about collecting, restoring, maintaining, and operating the Wireless Set No. 19 and other HF radios used by the Allied forces during and after World War II. For organising operating events with the broadest possible participation. ALL collectors of vintage military communications equipment are most welcome.

Winston Churchill Speeches


Winston Churchill Speeches from WWII

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The Causes of War November 1934 The Loaded Pause March 1936
Royal Academy Banquette April 1938 Speech to USA October 1938
Britain Must Arm, America Must Arm October 1938 Ten Weeks of War November 1939
Sinking of The Graf Spee December 1939 The First Month of War October 1939
War of Unknown Warriors July 1940 Crux of The Whole War August 1940
Speech To House of Commons May 1940 London Secret Session September 1940
A Sterner War March 1940 The Navy Is Here February 1940
Neutrals-liberation Is Sure January 1940 The Navy Is Here February 1940
Give Us The Tools February 1941 Canada House of Commons December 1941
Until Victory Is Won July 1941 War Production Speech July 1941
The Atlantic Charter August 1941 Meeting With Roosevelt August 1941
Masters of Our Fate September 1941 These Are Great Days October 1941
With Great Resolution November 1941 War With Japan December 1941
From The White House December 1941 Give Us The Tools February 1941
The End of the Beginning November 1942 Never Surrender August 1942
Pm For 2 Years May 1942 End of The Beginning November 1942
Rebuilding House of Commons October 1943 Speech At US Congress May 1943
Before The Autumn Unity June 1943 Anglo American Unity September 1943
Thanksgiving Day November 23rd 1944 The Fruits of 1944
Unconditional German Surrender May 1945 Unconditional Surrender May 1945
This Is Your Victory May 1945
Meeting With Von Rippentrop Churchill On Dunkirk Escape
The Hour of Armistice The Battle of France
Be Ye Men of Valor Hitler The Guttersnipe
Iron Curtain Never was so much owed
Pledge To Free France Blood, Toil, Tears & Sweat
This was their finest hour Announces Nazi Surrender
Winston Churchill's Memoirs
The Follies of The Victors The Locust Years
Chapter 22 from Churchill's Memoirs The Battle of Britain
Mr Edens Resignation Munich Winter
The Soviet Enigma Before The Storm
Narvik Norway Frustration In Norway
The National Coalition Memoirs & Speeches - 1
Memoirs & Speeches - 2 Memoirs & Speeches - 3
Memoirs & Speeches - 4 Memoirs & Speeches - 5
Memoirs & Speeches - 6 Memoirs & Speeches - 7
Memoirs & Speeches - 8  

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