Jackson Brothers
Variable Capacitors, Drives
Stand-off Insulators and Terminals


Jackson Brothers was founded in 1923 to manufacture variable capacitors and accessories such as tuning drives and dials. Today, distribution and production facilities are owned by the Mainline Electronics Group. The pages below are a short history of Jackson Brothers by T. S. Christian. (These documents are in Adobe Acrobat format, click here to install). Since these files are large I recommend you right click and select "Save Target As", save the files to your local drive and open them from there.

History of Jackson Brothers

Catalogue Index

Variable Capacitors

TX5 Transmitting Capacitor (5720)

TX5 Transmitting Capacitor, fitted with ball race (5720/BR)

TX5 Split Stator Transmitting Capacitor (5720/SS)

Variable Capacitors Type C9/C10/C12 (5070, 5060, 5021)

C12 Split Stator Capacitors (5021/SS)

Variable Capacitor - type 'O' (5250)

LA1 Variable Capacitor (LA1)

Dilecon: Dielectric Capacitor (2093, 2094, 2095, 3005, 3006)

Wavemaster Variable Capacitor (WMV, WM)

Trimmer Capacitors

C8 series Trimmers (C801, C802, C803, C804, C809)

C824 series Trimmers (C824)

C7 Differential Trimmer (C701, C702, C703, C704, C709)

C7 Butterfly Trimmer (C711, C712, C713, C714, C719)


Spinwheel Cord Drive (4589, 4729)

4511 series Ball Drives (4511)

Dual Ratio Ball Drive (4511DR)

10:1 Ball Drive (6020)

Miniature 10:1 Drive Unit (5870)

Miniature 10:1 Flanged Drive Unit (5870F)

Miniature Flanged Drive 4.5:1 approx. (5690)

Adjustable Torque Ball Drive (5620)

Heavy Duty Epicyclic Drive (5670)

D Type 2-speed Drive Unit 4832/2K-UNIT)

D Type Drive (4832/2K)

Ball Drive Dial (4489/C)

Aluminium Dial Drive (4090)

50mm Dial Drive Assembly 6:1 (4080-S, 4080-B)

6/36 Dual Ratio Hairline Drive Scale Unit (4103/A, 4103/TEM)


Aluminium Knobs (5608)

Universal Couplings (4693, 5610)

Pulley (4534, 4879, 4880)

Coupler Adaptor (5665)

Brass Coupling (4636)

Standard Feet (4377, 4583)

Extension Spindle (4827)

Stand-Off Insulators and Terminals

Terminals: General Information

Metric sizes are available: Ordering Information

Type A to K-S

Type J-S to J

Type B to D 6 BR

Type M

Type L to L-S

Type H-S 2 to H 6 BANK

Type H-S to H 6 BR

Type TS1-01

Type TS5-01

Type TS6-01

Type TS9-01

Type TS1

Type TS6

Type TS7

Type TS8

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